‘None of the things that my eyes and visual cortex see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place, etc.) means what my personal ego (ahamkar), nor sense impression recorder mind (manas), has told me it does. Vibrations of thought projection that came from my subjective, separative mind distort the fact that everything is neutral and has no meaning just because it is in an apparent materialized and manifested state. Through my neutral, infinite, superconscious (intuitive) and discerning (buddhi) mind, I retract my thought projections and their impressions from the objects around me. This is my first step in allowing things to be as they are, thought and energy that has materialized.’

1. Repeat to yourself the idea above, then look slowly around you and apply this idea very specifically to whatever you see.

For example: ‘This table does not have any meaning apart from my subjective, egoic-separative thought projections and sense impressions I cast onto it.’ ‘This chair does not have any meaning apart from my subjective, egoic-separative thought projections and sense impressions I cast onto it.’ ‘This hand does not have any meaning apart from my subjective, egoic-separative thought projections and sense impressions I cast onto it.’ ‘This foot does not have any meaning apart from my subjective, egoic-separative thought projections and sense impressions I cast onto it.’ ‘This pen does not have any meaning apart from my subjective, egoic-separative thought projections and sense impressions I cast onto it.’

2. Then look away from your immediate area, and apply the idea to a wider range of objects.

3. Notice that these statements are not arranged in any order, and that they are applied to a wide variety of things; this is the purpose of this exercise. Apply it to anything that you see at random, but do not apply it to everything that you see. These exercises should not become a dogmatic ritual, nor a rigid confinement think tank. Only be sure to not deliberately exclude anything you see. As far as applying this lesson is concerned, one thing is like another.

4. Apply this lesson once in the morning and once in the evening. You should do it for a minute or so, unless you are connecting to the exercise and need more time. Apply it with assurance, but ease of effort.




Thus begins our workbook studies of Christ Realization Yoga inspired by Yogic philosophy and A Course in Miracles with daily practice and dedication to cleaning the lens of our witnessing, observing, perceptual faculty which is centered in our inner divine ability to see things as they really are. That is one of the main goals in workbook study. Elizabeth Cronkite, translator of the first edition of ACIM into plain, everyday language, points out two parts of the workbook’s focus. The first, she says deals with your perception of separation from God, and the second deals with your acquiring Real Perception, which is a way of perceiving that reflects your awareness of your Oneness with God.

Each day’s exercises are planned around one central idea (with the exception of review periods, which have several ideas for the day). The idea is stated first, and then is followed by instructions about how to apply them during the day. Commentary by this writer, Bryan Rice follows. I will always attempt to show the parallel in yogic teachings/yogic and Vedantic thought (these are two of six philosophies in Hindu Thought.)

The purpose of the workbook is to train your mind, to literally overhaul old programmed beliefs and inner tape recordings about how you view reality and urges you to take off the veils to Radical Right and Real Perception, so as to include everything and everyone in the Presence of Love, which you are, One with God, and with all. The workbook also targets the dualistic, split mind that fragments Reality and Projects out onto a Desert of a World that is merely a screen to hold those projections from our individual egoic minds and the mass collective egoic mind. What ends up in the script we call life, in the circumstances and events that surround us and that we encounter day to day has much to do with the what fragment we listen to and project outwards to others and into the cosmic drama. Yogic and Vedantic (Non-dual) Philosophy say that that the entire material universe is a result of causation, or the cause, of ‘thought’. Thought becomes energy. And energy becomes matter (or perceived matter). The metaphysics of A Course in Miracles says that the Son of God Consciousness became the Son of Man Consciousness, when for a split moment it believed we could be separate from God. This is a perceptual distortion and nothing more. The perception of separation (being cut off from God Conscious Awareness) is an hallucination of the ego, because our real selves never did “fall from grace” or out of Oneness with God.

The exercises of the workbook are planned so that you can generalize the lesson by looking at it as capable of being applied to everything and everyone, without exception. It certainly challenges us to shift our conscious awareness and ingrained beliefs and projections that normally end up materializing and manifesting in what we know as space-time.

The Radical Right and Real Perception we are attempting to return to is not the same as the egoic, individual mind’s perception. But, when we attain Radical Right and Real Perception (the Consciousness of Oneness or Yoga-Union with all, it automatically is applied to every living person and thing.  Holding even one thing separate from us, prevents us from attaining our original (Beginner’s Mind as it is called in Buddhism) Radical Right and Real Perception, the Primal State we were begotten or emanate from.


To proceed with the study, we should have the volition, will to do it, and self-discipline to commit to it every day for the next year. The first guideline is to practice the exercises as they are indicated without altering them. This will enable you to focus on the ideas in the lesson and apply them to everything and everyone involved in it. Secondly, and most importantly, we must not decide for ourselves that in actuality we can allow ourselves to exclude some people, things, and situations from the exercises. There are no exemptions. And that is the way that Universal Inspiration, the Voice for God, and the Master Teacher Jesus intended it. Doing this will defeat the purpose of healing the fragmented perceptions and distortions we hold in our egoic-separative, fearful minds. The absolute nature of Radical Right and Real Perception is that it is expansive, inclusive of all life, accepting, and that it allows things “to be” as they are, but see them in a radically “new,” yet with a primordial (first or primary) neutral mind (Beginner’s Mind or No Mind).

The goal is to return to the state of Oneness or Yoga With God and then see everything through our original “allowing and accepting” perception, before the distortion that led to the “fall from grace-consciousness” occurred. When it occurred is not important, but knowing that we fell out of alignment with Divinity and that we do every time we listen to our individual, separative, ego voice. In a nutshell, do the lessons so as to include everything in your domain of love, in an infinite, expansive manner, in a likeness to Divinity Consciousness-Awareness (The Unified Field/The Allness/The I Am that I Am/Brahman/Allah/ Adonai/Yaweh/The Father/Mother/Dao/or just plain God).

NOTE: The only consequence of not correcting your misperceptions is to go on living in mass hypnosis, illusion, delusion (maya as Yogis and Vedantic Philosophers call it). The course further calls what I am talking about, as insanity.

You don’t have to believe the ideas of the workbook to benefit from them.  Just apply them without judgment and don’t be attached to the results, but certainly enjoy the fruits of your daily practice.

If you miss a day, get right back up on that horse.

Build off of the foundations of previous lessons each new day.

Notice how the egoic split-mind will want to react and avoid. Seeing this is part of the process of unveiling what stands between the perception and hallucination of many broken pieces of glass fragments and the ultimate God-like experience of viewing existence, from the clear, unclouded witnessing window of Radical Right and Real Perception.