(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)


The thoughts I think with my separative, split, and fearful mind do not mean what the ego (ahamkar) tells me they do. Neither do the objects that surround me in this room that I see with my eyes and visual cortex (on this street, from this window, in this place, in front of this computer, etc.)

Take notice, for about a minute, of the thoughts that seem to originate in or enter into your mind, then please apply the above statement of Truth to them. If you are aware right now of tormenting, obsessive thought chatter, use them for this practice, but please don’t be biased only towards the thoughts you label as ‘bad’. In training yourself to be objective about your thoughts, you will see that each one is part of a cluster within itself, and therefore you are not able to label them as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. That is why they are without meaning.

Be very specific when choosing the thoughts you will apply today’s idea statement to. It is valuable to choose thoughts you label as ‘good’ along with those you consider ‘bad’. The idea for today emphasizes that none of these sound vibrations and frequencies, whether repetitive or not are Real, nor accurate Thoughts. The sounds vibrations or neurochemical transmitter signals in your physical brain that you judge as ‘good’ are only dark shadows of what is beyond the scope of them, and make the desired use of Radical Right Perception extremely difficult. These dark shadows in your neurochemical message system within the brain distort the use of Radical Right Perception and make it near impossible to see Universal Truths. You do not desire any of these thoughts with your Christ/GodSelf Mind. In your Christ/GodSelf Mind they do not exist.

Work with this exercise diligently for it is vital and will be repeated in future lessons, but in different forms. This exercise has the goal of training you in the foundational steps toward sorting out in your mind what is without meaning from what does have meaning. The intention behind these foundational lessons is to get you to perceive what has absolutely no meaning and is not who you are, and what does have meaning for you. It is also the starting point of raja (royal) yoga and jnana yoga in Christhood to discern and notice what is the same, when faced with what appears to be different.

When using your ingrained thought patterns, or neural grooves for applying this lesson for today, please identify each of these thought patterns that manifest by an external object or event. An example would be:

‘This thought about _______________ is devoid of any accurate meaning, nor any meaning at all, just like the objects that I see in this room (on this street, etc.)’

Do not be afraid to use the above statement and idea by applying it to tormenting thoughts that cause you to suffer. This is how you will heal and neutralize the “thought wave currents” through Christ Mind Jnana Yoga. Make no mistake about it, this practice is worthwhile, but it is not a replacement for applying the lesson in a random way. Take no longer than a minute or so to thoroughly scan you mind. You are not ready at this stage to refrain from becoming preoccupied with every single thought that enters your brain.

Take note that you may find suspension of judgment about your thoughts quite difficult. Please do these exercises three or four times today. We will return to them later in this workbook.

Taking part in this lesson is just the start of your discernment that what seems like your private thoughts and what you perceive about the world that seems to be external to you are in Truth, one and the same, because it is your split, fractured mind, the one that thinks it is separate from the Unified Field of God Consciousness in Reality (which is not true). This lesson also imparts on you the concept that, regardless of the differences that appear or cause different reactions and judgments among your thought vibration waves and sound frequency-currents, they are really all the same, because their actual content is exactly the same. Neither the physical world nor personalized, separative thoughts come from God. Therefore they are without any Real meaning.



(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)


I do not comprehend any of the things that my eyes and visual cortex see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place, etc.) nor what my personal ego (ahamkar), nor sense impression recorder mind (manas), has told me these things are.

Vibrations of thought projection that came from my subjective, separative mind distort my understanding and full knowledge of what surrounds me in their apparent materialized and manifested state. Through my neutral, infinite, superconscious (intuitive) and discerning (buddhi) mind, I retract my thought projections, their impressions, and the strong obsessive fixations that drive me to project meaning onto these things, where there is none. This delusive need leads me into a web of confusion about what I think I see and its relevance to my life motion picture that I am creating at a given moment, either through my God-like Universal Intelligence or instinctual demonic egoic-subconscious beast mind polarity.  


What you observe is a dense form of energy that collapses at the quantum level. Correcting perception involves knowing the mechanics and power of thought and consciousness to manifest, first as subtle energy, then as matter. The things appearing as matter have no inherent meaning in and of themselves. When you project and catapult meaning onto the objects your individual separative (egoic) mind (manas) tells you that you see, you are blinded by the fact that everything and all events are neutral expressions of thought. Trying to interpret or find meaning in that of which has none therefore confuses you and so you mis-perceive. Acknowledging this is primary to the path of miracle mindedness, self-mastery, and awakening to your true reality and potential. Here we make mention that we have a split and fractured mind, a theory supported by the existence of human insanity and suffering. When we are confused, we are not aligned with God Mind/Universal Intelligence, but the lower subconscious habit-instinctual beast mind.