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Hitting rock bottom could be the first step in your transcendence. This episode begins with a meditation written by Bryan that is on his album “Light Transmissions” (bryanrice.org, amazon mp3, i tunes, and streaming on you tube music and much more) which is set to music. The meditation is an affirmation called “Allowing and Accepting the Now”. This relates to today’s show and its theme.

We all have our own journey to walk and sometimes we stumble and fall to depths of suffering that may seem inescapable. Bryan explores the topic of Rising From Rock Bottom through realistic introspection and understanding the nature of the Dark Night of the Soul as part of the spiritual journey of awakening. His intent is to give hope to those in despair and inspire those who may be experiencing darkness, light and upliftment to spark transcendence out of suffering. Suffering is not required to become enlightened, but it may be part of the journey out of the false ego self into the heights of awareness of the True Christ/Atman/Buddha Self. There is a way out. Bryan seeks to motivate others who may be challenged by life circumstances by providing perspectives that provoke one to consider that there is a way to rise above rock bottom experiences that may come in the form of self-created misery through attachment to gratification of the senses. He calls listeners to Transfigure the Senses and to experience the greatness of our co-creative nature.

Before the show’s conclusion, Bryan shares his song “Free” from his album “Fractured & Delivered” which you can also find at the above mentioned sites.


DAY 21
With alignment to Infinite Willpower given to me by God Mind, I am determined to see objectively, from my Inner Witnessing Presence Awareness in a different, more clear perspective, seeing through the One Reality of Love in Radical Right Perception and Christ-Atman-Buddha-Krishna Mind Vision. I want to be liberated in this life through moksha. To break free from the cycle of birth and death. To let go of my grievances, my anger, to see not through my klesha-afflictions, but through the One Love that unites us all.


Illusions coming from the spell of delusion, the perceived separation from Oneness with the Unified God Mind Field, cloud my vision and my sight. I get agitated, disturbed, depressed, anxious, fearful, fall victim to despair and hopelessness when I perceive wrongly. So, I attune to that Infinite Willpower, determined to see from a different vantage point, one of Love coming from Oneness Awareness. I will repeat this lesson up to five times today, for a minute each time applying the idea about perceiving truly to particular situations as they may present themselves. I will begin by searching my mind, turning within, shutting the doors to what appears to be an outside world and changing the stations on the inner radio transmissions of any past programming, present occurrences, or any anticipations about future happenings. I will not obsess about the calibration of the emotions I may experience. Any disturbance, big or small, merely masks intense rage or lack of santosha-contentment. I will not fixate on any given fluctuation or whirlpool of emotion that comes to the surface. Nor will I fall victim to the false belief that some manifestations of seeming thought assaults are more justified than other ones.


Holding the form of assaulting thoughts or fluctuations of emotions in which they seem to arise in my awareness, I will tell myself: “Through alignment to Infinite Willpower given to me by God Mind, I am determined to see objectively, from my Inner Witnessing Presence Awareness, in a different more clear perspective, seeing through the One Reality of Love in Radical Right Perception and Christ-Atman-Buddha-Krishna Mind Vision about ________ (identity of a person or situation).”


I have to be specific. I will not fixate on one attribute of another person, but if I do, I will merely specify the attribute that I want to see differently in another. I will also refrain from feeling neurotic guilt over emotions such as anger, disgust, or dismay that I may be projecting onto others. Finally, I will remember my original innocence and yoga-union with Love in searching the field of the mind and in experiencing vritti-fluctuations of thought waves. I invite the Inner Teacher, Inner Wisdom, the Inner Guru, the Cosmic Vibratory Memory-Power of God within my mind to guide the process of perceiving differently. It is the Willpower given to me by the Divine Allness that allows me to see that very Divinity everywhere, despite the veil of maya that seems to cover the forms I may perceive in the illusory outer world. So, today, I am determined to perceive only Love in my fellow brothers and sisters and in my True Self. The True Self is all there is to really see in everyone, including myself. Bhakti-Devotion to Infinite Love allows me to create a very different and optimistic world to live in while on this seeming exile journey of awakening and remembering, walking the path to the Heaven I never left. Miracles of forgiveness are the key to unlock the door that is found on that path. Let me not be confused about what forgiveness, or perceiving through Radical Right Perception is. Aum. Peace. Shanti. Amen.



(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)