DAY 31
I am not at the mercy of a world I seem to see outside of me that appears to threaten me with danger, trying to inflict pain, suffering, and psychological and biological torture upon my True Self, Christ and Atman Self, which in reality cannot be harmed. All assaults and threats of harm come from my individual split ego mind. They originate from no outside place. The world I have made is not a perpetrator and punishing force. My individual mind is the cause of my subjectively experienced mental agony that I seem to experience in a physical body.


I think I am guilty and going to a place called hell, gehenna, the underworld, even though such a place doesn’t exist, but I instead choose to return to the awareness of the Paradise Heaven within, that I never left in truth, now, instead of remaining a victim of my own attacking thoughts and emotions. Though my individual egoic-ahamkar mind tries to steal my Santosha-Contentment and Bliss, I am really capable of being free from self- destructive, pain inflicting thoughts. I use the poison of guilt to try and diminish my sense of peace, bliss, and communion in God Mind. In any given moment, I choose pain or Love. But pain is self-inflicted, not coming from an outside world. Therefore, I need to get to the root of the problem and change my thought fluctuations in order to change my perceptions and the life I experience as a result.
What guide will I choose today? The memory of God in my mind or the separate, individual egoic-ahamkar tendencies? I choose the upward magnetic pull of God Mind within rather than being pulled downward into the density of negative vibrations of assault and threats of harm to my beingness, which in truth could never be threatened.



Do I want pain or do I want Unending Love? It is always my choice. I choose what I seem to experience, feel, and even suffer. But today, I choose Love for my True Self over assault from my false self. I embrace ahimsa (non-harming) towards myself and others. When I am not at peace, it is not the outside projected world threatening me with my own demise. My egoic-ahamkar has invented the chaos that I choose in moments of insanity.


Today, I will choose freedom over the shackles I have placed upon my self. For two three to five minute contemplative sittings, once in the morning and once in the evening, I will repeat the idea for today two or three times. Following this, I will close my eyes and apply the idea to my inner environment. The goal is to be released from both worlds, as the inner manufactures the outer. I will repeat the idea for today throughout the day as well to take steps toward full releasement from bondage and self-inflicted hell and psychological-emotional fluctuations that seem to abuse me. I take back my projected dream film of attempted violence against my Christed Nature.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)


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