Why do we give the world so much power? Why do we let it dictate how we feel, react, think, and do to the extent that we do? According to the philosophy and teachings of A Course In Miracles, it is because we project our guilt over having chosen to separate from the Divine in that “tiny tick of time” – an instant of forgetfulness, where we thought there was something better than and more appealing than the Bliss of Heaven.


With feelings of guilt comes the fear of punishment – the expectation that we will be punished. The world is designed that way, to constantly torment us as it seems to pose threats and danger constantly. We fear attack and annihilation. Not to mention we have been programmed to believe by so much of the religious thinking that exists, that we are in fact damned for being ‘fallen’. According to A Course in Miracles, this is simply not true. We are merely dreaming of exile, ‘asleep in the grass’ in the garden of paradise as teacher Robert Perry says, never having left home, but nonetheless asleep, having a nightmare that is the result of projection of our guilt.


We think the world is responsible for our pain, our suffering, our sickness, our despair, our feelings of lack, and all forms of unhappiness. This is projection. Blaming something outside of ourselves, when in fact, the collective whole of created minds, decided that it would be great to ‘leave the garden’ (no, we didn’t get kicked out – at least not according to A Course In Miracles and other new revelations). We give the world so much power. We throw away the function of causation. Since we are One in Mind with the Divine and share in the thoughts and extension of Love, in reality, but convinced otherwise by the illusions we manufacture, we can never be separate, in truth, but we have the inclinations to try to make it on our own in a scary world that we think is out to get us. Because we feel guilty, we think the Divine is out to get us and that the manifested screen of the world we think we see, is really reflecting back a hostile force that has to punish us, so we get what we think we deserve. Primordial guilt is the cause of our fear of punishment and destruction by the Divine. We set up and construct situations that seem to be threats to our safety and well-being all so the ‘ego’ thought system can have its revenge. That ego thought system projects all our guilt onto the world and God. Fear runs our life.


So much could be said about this topic. But we must and need to take back our power, through forgiveness and trust that we are innately good, and that we in truth could never be harmed, not by the Divine, and not by the world. These are illusions we need to surrender. We are cause of our experiences, not at the effect of the world or anything else. Through the power of causation, we can dream a new world into existence and be empowered to extend and create, rather than ‘make’ a dream of hell, where every one seems to be scurrying about, trying to escape wrath and punishment. The separation was just an illusion that lasted but a micro-second. It was terrifying. But the good news is that the Holy Spirit was planted in our minds the moment the split and fragmentation from wholeness seemed to happen. The Divine gave us that grace. The script is written to lead us back to the place we never left. We have the power to influence how quickly that will happen in our mind’s eye. We have so much power and potential. We need to take it back, and stop giving the projected world so much influence over us. This is a topic that requires much more deliberation and reflection. For now, we will just ponder that we can dream a new life and create a new world order, in which we are free from guilt. Forgiveness is the key. We must forgive ourselves, others, the Divine, and the world, that is not really out there at all anyway.  Remember, it is a projection of our minds. It is time to wake up from the nightmare we have created and realize we have the power to change what we see and experience. Nothing outside of us has the power to determine who we are, how we feel, what we see, nor what we think. We are One with Divinity, not separate and at the mercy of the world we think is out to get us.




DAY 39


My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of Yoga-Union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother are my freedom, and my final moksha-kaivalya-liberation in this lifetime and beyond into Eternity where I rest, unbroken. Loved. Far beyond crippling fear and guilt.


Love illumines and empowers while guilt calibrates at an extremely low calibration of consciousness, a negative magnetism, a hellish vibration and tamasic-darkening inertia. It weighs me down when I am in its grip. The opposite of guilt is the Bliss of Heaven.


I am a savior, one who liberates people from the grip of karmic bondage and from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Since I am whole, sanctified, at one with God Mind, being in communion with that very Father-Mother Awareness, I am free and capable of freeing others.


My freedom, my liberation is vital to the world’s freedom and liberation. My wholeness, sanctity, at-one-ment with Divinity in its Allness, my communion and union with my Source frees me from the dark dungeon of guilt, raises me up out of the tomb and restores me to the God Womb where the eternal Christ in me is born Eternally. Becoming free from this prison of self-inflicted torment, is the termination of the hell I made from trying to hide from the Divine. I created this world to escape the wrath of God I feared I would be the victim of and I wrestle with guilt because of it.


My wholeness is what conquers every tribulation and struggle. Ultimately suffering of any kind is guilt induced at the root source. That primal guilt can be overcome. As can all trance-induced scripts of my subconscious programming ingrained by the ego-ahamkar. I need but acknowledge my sanctity and Eternal State of Oneness with God Divine. Triumphing over guilt is having victory over the hell of our own making. My wholeness liberates the world and me simultaneously. I cannot be deprived of anything that comes from wholeness. Divine Mind, Father-Mother does not know of my brokenness. He/She sees only One Singularity, One Whole Relationship.


Five minute contemplations are recommended for today, centering my prayer on today’s mantra. I will also frequently take time out of the day to recite the mantra with repetition. I will close the door to my inner room and scan my mind for thoughts that lack love, in any form they seem to take, whether inner turmoil, despair, depression, anger, ruminations of fear, thoughts of worry, or inclinations to attack, thoughts of inferiority, etc. However they manifest, they are fear-induced. It is from primal fear that I must be liberated in order to experience Bliss Eternal.


Today, I will bless all events and personalities I associate with fear-based thinking. In order to attain a liberated state of mind, I must see these events and personalities from a different perspective. I commit to slowly scan my mind for all thoughts that keep me from feeling truly free of pain, guilt, and suffering. I will apply today’s idea in a like manner:


“My fearful thoughts about ________ have caused me to descend into hell. My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of Yoga-Union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother are my freedom, and my final moksha-kaivalya-liberation in this lifetime and beyond into Eternity where I rest, unbroken.”


Dharana concentration is a must. And I will strive to concentrate. I will end my contemplations repeating the original mantra and then add:


“If guilt and fear, stemming from separation are hell, what stands opposite to it?”
I will recite today’s mantra in shorter periods of time as well, multiple times an hour, asking this very question. If I am tempted to think in limiting terms, I will also say:


“My wholeness is the liberating power from guilt and fear. It terminates it. It dissolves it. I remain unbroken. Whole. One. Sanctified. Perfectly created. I can liberate my life and shift my thinking to a Love-Based perspective.”


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)