DAY 32
The world I have come to know and recognize as being out there is my own manifestation. God Mind had nothing to do with it’s seeming existence. I am beginning to grasp the Law of Karma, of cause and effect, that what I sow, I will reap. I can’t be at the mercy of the world that appears to be outside of me, because it is a manifestation of my own subconscious, subterranean thought vibrations that are dense and tamasic (darkening).


I must want to escape in the world I perceive, to hide from the Father-Mother, to experience the delusion of duality, of opposites, or extremes, because I keep seeming to have experiences there instead of in Paradise Oneness where I still reside, though I am unaware of the True Presence of being there. The world is the effect of my ego-rebellion against the Father-Mother Awareness. It is an individual, self-created hell that seems to be filled with pain, suffering, dissatisfaction, destruction, sickness, and disappointment. These things, these struggles of what I call everyday life can be transcended through Divine Realization of my Christed Nature. To see that I am the Atman Self at One with the Infinite Manifestation of Spirit or Brahman, the Father-Mother Beingness.
I am responsible for what I see, hear, and experience out in this wilderness desert where mirages of the split mind come to play out dramas, comedies, tragedies, transient romances, and horror films in my head. Because of the first split introduced by the separate mind, that of consciousness, there appears to be a subject-object relationship operating in what shows up as an outside world. Instead of Primordial Oneness there is the little me, the perceiver and what I perceive or project outwards. I want a whole new way of seeing. Christed Vision is my goal today. To look upon a world and forgive it and let it’s seemingly dense veil disappear and dissolve into the One Light of Love that created me and gave me the very creative ability that allows me to manifest a universe that is not there and thus is not real. This classroom called earth-school is only temporary and will pass away. It can only decay and decompose. It will dissolve into the nothingness from which it came.

It is my choice what I will experience. Primal Paradise Oneness or being stuck in the matrix of the ego-ahamkar image manufacturer. I can give birth at any given moment. To perceptions of the ego-ahamkar or to True Sight of Christ Vision. I choose what I will see and from which mind I will see through. Ego-ahamkar or Kundalini Desire Energy, the metaphysical Holy Spirit that can be resurrected and rise, instead of fall into matter, like the ego does as it moves further and further outward away from the Divine Allness.


I will sit and contemplate on today’s reflection and statement of truth for two sittings, three to five minutes at a time. If I can remain in stillness or have Radical Right Perception of Samadhi Oneness, I will remain in such a state for longer than five minutes. Communion with God is my ultimate goal, while the second is recognition of today’s idea of major importance, that I wrote the script that produces what my ego-ahamkar calls ‘my’ life. Recognizing that I author everything I experience or see with the body’s eyes, is an important step on this journey of awakening towards final liberation in moksha.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)