Why do we give the world so much power? Why do we let it dictate how we feel, react, think, and do to the extent that we do? According to the philosophy and teachings of A Course In Miracles, it is because we project our guilt over having chosen to separate from the Divine in that “tiny tick of time” – an instant of forgetfulness, where we thought there was something better than and more appealing than the Bliss of Heaven.


With feelings of guilt comes the fear of punishment – the expectation that we will be punished. The world is designed that way, to constantly torment us as it seems to pose threats and danger constantly. We fear attack and annihilation. Not to mention we have been programmed to believe by so much of the religious thinking that exists, that we are in fact damned for being ‘fallen’. According to A Course in Miracles, this is simply not true. We are merely dreaming of exile, ‘asleep in the grass’ in the garden of paradise as teacher Robert Perry says, never having left home, but nonetheless asleep, having a nightmare that is the result of projection of our guilt.


We think the world is responsible for our pain, our suffering, our sickness, our despair, our feelings of lack, and all forms of unhappiness. This is projection. Blaming something outside of ourselves, when in fact, the collective whole of created minds, decided that it would be great to ‘leave the garden’ (no, we didn’t get kicked out – at least not according to A Course In Miracles and other new revelations). We give the world so much power. We throw away the function of causation. Since we are One in Mind with the Divine and share in the thoughts and extension of Love, in reality, but convinced otherwise by the illusions we manufacture, we can never be separate, in truth, but we have the inclinations to try to make it on our own in a scary world that we think is out to get us. Because we feel guilty, we think the Divine is out to get us and that the manifested screen of the world we think we see, is really reflecting back a hostile force that has to punish us, so we get what we think we deserve. Primordial guilt is the cause of our fear of punishment and destruction by the Divine. We set up and construct situations that seem to be threats to our safety and well-being all so the ‘ego’ thought system can have its revenge. That ego thought system projects all our guilt onto the world and God. Fear runs our life.


So much could be said about this topic. But we must and need to take back our power, through forgiveness and trust that we are innately good, and that we in truth could never be harmed, not by the Divine, and not by the world. These are illusions we need to surrender. We are cause of our experiences, not at the effect of the world or anything else. Through the power of causation, we can dream a new world into existence and be empowered to extend and create, rather than ‘make’ a dream of hell, where every one seems to be scurrying about, trying to escape wrath and punishment. The separation was just an illusion that lasted but a micro-second. It was terrifying. But the good news is that the Holy Spirit was planted in our minds the moment the split and fragmentation from wholeness seemed to happen. The Divine gave us that grace. The script is written to lead us back to the place we never left. We have the power to influence how quickly that will happen in our mind’s eye. We have so much power and potential. We need to take it back, and stop giving the projected world so much influence over us. This is a topic that requires much more deliberation and reflection. For now, we will just ponder that we can dream a new life and create a new world order, in which we are free from guilt. Forgiveness is the key. We must forgive ourselves, others, the Divine, and the world, that is not really out there at all anyway.  Remember, it is a projection of our minds. It is time to wake up from the nightmare we have created and realize we have the power to change what we see and experience. Nothing outside of us has the power to determine who we are, how we feel, what we see, nor what we think. We are One with Divinity, not separate and at the mercy of the world we think is out to get us.





DAY 37
My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of yoga-union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother, blesses the world that the collective ego and my individual mind has created in which to learn, grow, awaken, and dissolve past accumulated karma.


These are the reasons I am here on this earth plane, seeming to be in the space-time continuum, moving about, deciding, choosing, acting, breathing, and ministering in the name of Spirit Immortal. It is my highest duty and dharma to look upon the illusory-avidya world through the lens of my own wholeness, sanctity, and state of perfect Samadhi-Oneness, yoga-union, and Communion with the Divine Indwelling God Mind. Everyone gains a blessing from this Reality, that I am an agent of change, an instrument in the liberation of the world, a Messiah-Savior with a unified purpose with the entire Son and Daughtership, who share this calling and joint responsibility. Every mind that has the experience of being in the physical sheath, the anna maya kosha, receives beneficial magnetic vibrations, felt in the astral, metaphysical energy body that powers the vehicle of bodies made manifest by thought and belief. The Son and Daughtership and I are blessing vessels due to our Divine inborn nature, inherent in the Paradise State of Creation at which we exist eternally.


No reparation for the the result of separation is demanded of me, but I am merely called to unveil what lies hidden behind the blinders that my individual egoic-ahamkar mind has chosen to see from – the Truth and Realization that there is another way of seeing what seems to be outside of me. I don’t have to pay for the ‘fall’ into bodies from the outward light emanating energy coming from the center of the God Matrix. I materialized by choice, but am not being asked to sacrifice anything as payment for choosing to become a physical body. My wholeness and sanctity blesses everyone freely and demands nothing of them either.



My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of yoga-union and Communion with God Mind, the Father-Mother is the loving, prime ingredient in the recipe for the True Feast of glory where everyone experiences moksha-liberation from the world, from the cycle and manifestation of life, death and rebirth. I am one of many messiahs in potential. I need do nothing. Just change the way I see the world through quiet acknowledgment of it’s innate goodness, despite its flaws. I bless through Christed Vision. I save through Radical Right Sight.



My four contemplative sittings of three to five minutes of consideration will begin with repeating today’s main mantra, to be followed by a minute of searching around me, applying the idea to what comes into my field of vision, in a manner like so:


“My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of yoga-union and Communion with God Mind, the Father-Mother blesses this house, this property, this body.”


Then I vow to close my eyes and apply the idea to the countenance of whomever comes into my mind, by applying their name and verbally uttering:


“My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of yoga-union and Communion with God Mind, the Father-Mother blesses you, {name}.”


I do this because I see the same truth that is in me, in all of Divinity’s Sons and Daughters. I do this to pass along love, light, and peace to all, seeing them as they really are inherently. Good, Christed, whole, and sanctified. I am blessed and am One with everything I see. Aum. Peace. Shanti. Amen.



(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)


DAY 34
It is my choice whether I see shanti (peace) in a state of calmness or through chaos, distress, restlessness, or any form of perceived mental or physical agony, and so I choose shanti-peace instead.

Today’s premise states that there is always another way of looking at things I think I see, whether in my mind, or in the projected external world. Shanti-Peace has everything to do with my internal state. Is it in equilibrium or even-mindedness or is it in a state of internal havoc and mayhem? This is the question I must ask. If my mind is at peace, then such an interpretation of the world arises as well.

Since God is in my mind and shanti-peace comes from God Mind, this Loving Source must bring peace to my mind. It is not something I have to strive for. I need but be present to it. Aware of it. Overcome by it. Today I am taking steps to continue to remove blocks to the awareness of Love. I stand as an observer, outside of dis-ease, distress, chaos, and mental agony of all kinds. It is up to me, rather, I can choose the way I will see today.

Today I come to the realization that the state of shanti-peace doesn’t start outside me. It begins internally. This is the ultimate recognition in my ongoing awakening. Shanti paves the way for joy and for bliss to enter into my mind field. I choose, now to be One with the Unified Field of God Mind, that infinite reservoir and ocean of bliss. In the temple of silence and in the temple of Bliss, I reign supreme, in at-one-ment with the ocean of Wholeness and Completeness. I am much more than an individual mind-wave in the ocean of Fullness. Shanti-peace, which brings the rising tide of Joy Supreme and Bliss Unending is not only possible, but a necessity if I am to see things as they truly are. Neutral and holy. I choose to perceive shanti-peace, so that all things appear to shine with the Light of Samadhi-Oneness and reside in God Communion and Yoga-Union. The awareness and Divine Realization of Paradise is God Mind’s gift to me. I openly accept it and maximize its derived benefits in having a whole new perspective on what I see inside and outside of my mind.

Today I will engage in three longer contemplative sittings. One in the morning and evening and at any point throughout the day. I will do this with eyes closed. I will search the mind for fearful thoughts, anxious ruminations, personalities that seem to offend me or events I think cause me distress. I will say the following slowly and calmly:

‘It is my choice whether I see shanti (peace) in a state of calmness in this situation or I can see through chaos, distress, restlessness, or any form of perceived mental or physical agony, and so I choose shanti-peace instead. I can replace my fluctuating feelings and emotions of depression, anxiety, endless rumination and worry {or my thoughts about this occurrence, happening, personality I am clashing with or this event} with shanti-peace.’


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)



DAY 30


Divinity Mind is in all things I see because Divinity Mind is in my mind. Though I seem to have experiences generated from a split, separate, ego mind, the Cosmic Vibratory Memory of God, the Holy Spirit Creative Aum Vibration was placed in my mind the moment the separation from Divinity Allness seemed to occur (though in reality it did not), giving me the Illumination, Inspiration, Realization, and Revelation that I am still in at-one-ment with my Source. Therefore, I have a light to guide my seeing. To bring me Radical Right Perception or Clairvoyant-Clear Seeing.


Today, I can and will focus upon what is Real, the Truth that brings Bliss Unending and Santosha-Contentment. I will look upon a world forgiven and upon every person I see, meet, and greet, with the Eyes of Christ. Of True Self. The Atman. At one with Infinite Brahman Spirit, God Mind, that illuminates my mind. This Divine Source, is something my individual egoic-ahamkar mind tends to ignore and so I see the dance of shadows play out before my body’s eyes. This is only a veil. But it is glorious to know that I do get glimpses of the light that shines behind this curtain as there are holes in it and it is transparent in places. The light that comes through are the flashes of insight or satori that I get directly from the Mind of Divinity that goes by many names.

Today, I experience a shift in my awareness. A Divine Realization put there by the Memory of God in my mind. I am the One Creation of the Divine Father-Mother. The Christ. There is only Christ. True Self. The Atman. And I am that. As are all the people and life forms I seem to see on the stage of the world, the miniature model and set built by the collective ego scriptwriter. Though my set design seems to overshadow and hide the Original, Ever-Existing, All-Encompassing Divine design of True Paradise Creation, found in the potential of Energy, Thought, and Light outside the space-time continuum, I can remove this blinder set that I have built as a fence, by opening myself to Divine Realization and Self-Realization in Christ. I am Christ. In Paradise forever, with Paradise Everywhere. The dramas, tragedies, comedies, human romances, and horror shows that seem to play out on the stage my ego-ahamkar calls life, are really temporary delusions. And I can begin to see that they are only delusions by seeing through Spiritual Sight. Through the eyes of the Astral and Causal Bodies beyond the dense physical body eyes that I have used as a replacement for seeing only Oneness.

I never left the Mind of God and God never left my Mind. As mentioned above, the Memory of God was put in my mind to bring about a Remembrance of the One Truth that is True Always. I am One in God and therefore, seeing through Christ Vision, True Sight, I see that God Mind is everywhere in everything I look upon, because once again, behind the forms, are the energy potential and life essence that is Pure Beingness.
I will apply today’s idea often, ignoring concepts of ‘near’ and ‘far’ for these are avidya-illusions in the grand illusion, and see through the One Lens of the Christed Third Eye, the Presence of the Witnessing Observer. I will notice and gaze upon the One Light, that surrounds all form. I let the One God experienced in many ways, to Reveal Him and Her Self in all things, but not as all things, for my God Transcends all things that appear to be outside of me. I let Paradise Return. Oneness come. Bliss come.


As I concentrate through dharana and meditate through dyana, I will see the One Singularity Everywhere. Divinity is in everything I see, because Divinity is in my mind. Now and always, in all ways. Aum. Shanti. Peace. Amen.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)



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Reflect on the nature of your Real Presence, Essence, and Being while considering teachings of A Course In Miracles about what the Real World is and where you think you are.

According to A Course in Miracles, your Real Identity is Christ and you are One with God. That is who you are. Other traditions might call your True Nature, The Atman, The Self, The Higher Self, The Buddha Nature, or the Inner Guru. Explore ideas surrounding what is the Real World versus what is considered to be illusion and mere appearances seeming to exist as form. You are here for a short time, are stuck in cycles of death and rebirth, but have never truly left your True Home in the Paradise State of Awareness known as Heaven.