DAY 58


Today I will review the following affirmations:


DAY 36

My wholeness, my oneness, my sanctity, my experience of yoga-union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother, encompasses, surrounds, and blesses everything I perceive.


My wholeness, oneness, and pure in truth sanctity is the source of the Edenic State of Reality superimposed over the image of the world. I have released the past and my mind is healed of the disease of guilt. I embrace the untarnished nature and truth of my being and am at One with the Allness. My Christed sight sees and remembers only the radiant impeccable glory of the world, because in actuality the projected film of my thought vibrations are extensions of the what I reflect from my holy spotless nature, born of the Vastness of Divinity in Heaven’s Awareness.


DAY 37

My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of yoga-union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother, blesses the world that the collective ego and my individual mind has created in which to learn, grow, awaken, and dissolve past accumulated karma.


When I see wholeness in myself I am not only infusing myself with love, but the entirety of Divinity’s Emanations. All brothers and sisters in spirit along with all things, even appearances that will fade when time comes to an end, are made radiant by the nectar of the joy wholeness and sanctity give to me. Not one single manifestation is separate from the joy of Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother, because all things share in the primal goodness of Divine Awareness. As I Realize that I am whole and sanctified, the wholeness and sanctity of the world emanates and radiates out from the Original Center and Expanse of Pure Light Truth also.


DAY 38

My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of Yoga-Union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother can accomplish any desired outcome through the volition of conscious choice making.


My wholeness is free to express its fullness and vastness, qualities which have the power to cure and abolish sickness because that wholeness is sanctified by the magnitude of Eternal Oneness that liberates. From what else can I be liberated from in moksha (freed while living in this dream) except avidya-illussion? For all avidya-illusions are nothing more than insane beliefs about who I think I am. My wholeness dissolves and undoes all insanity by asserting the truth about who I really am. In pure presence of my wholeness and sanctified Oneness, experienced as Yoga-Union and Communion with Divinity and all His/Her Emanations, all sick and twisted gods of my ego-ahamkar’s making disappear.


DAY 39

My wholeness, my sanctity, my state of Samadhi-Oneness, my experience of Yoga-Union and Communion with God Mind, Father-Mother are my freedom, and my final moksha-kaivalya-liberation in this lifetime and beyond into Eternity where I rest, unbroken. Loved Far beyond crippling fear and guilt.


Since my wholeness protects me from the poison of guilt, acknowledging and Realizing the enlightened nature of my wholeness is Realizing my moksha-liberation. Doing this also acknowledges the moksha-liberation of the world. When I have embraced my wholeness and sanctity, there is not anything that can cripple me with fear. Since I am fearless, everyone I am connected to in spirit must also share this universal gnosis-knowing, which has been bestowed on me and the manifested world by our Source.


DAY 40

In truth, I am a Christed Son/Daughter, a sacred expression, extension, and emanation of the Father-Mother God, Brahman Immortal, the Dao Supreme, Divine Mind.


That being said and proclaimed, I Realize that all is pure and divinized. Christed. Anointed. I am a Christed Child of God and all divinized things are my inheritance, for the Divine Creator and Comforter-Sustainer of all that cannot perish, had the intent that this treasure be mine. In no way can I be tormented, deprived, or be afflicted with pain because I am a Divine Offspring. My Supernal Parents uphold me, keep me safe, embrace me, consecrate me, illuminate my mind-body vehicle, give me discernment through reason, and guide me through my contemplations, meditations, and actions. Their compassion extended to me is endless and exists forever. I am a sacred expression and emanation and am one with my Source.CHRIS


DAY 54
These are the ideas for review today. Spend two minutes contemplating each affirmation.

DAY 16
It is impossible to have thoughts without taking a position or a point of view. It also follows that my thoughts, regardless of whether they come from dark, light, or admixed energy vibrations will have an effect, either creating a world of separate, illusory forms or manifesting out of creative communication with the Divine, thoughts of Love from the One True Source of Love. Everything I see is the byproduct of thought. There is no thought too small or too big. Thoughts create experience. Experience creates beliefs. Beliefs create perceptions. Thoughts are either Radically Right or dreadfully out of alignment with truth. True thoughts extend from Love of Infinite Measure. False thoughts project and animate, paint, and out picture images and egoic-ahamkaric movies that aren’t true.


Thoughts are either true and whole or false and fragmented. They, unlike the meaning of things I see with my manas-sense-mind’s eyes and its visual cortex are not neutral. Thought waves have vibratory effects and consequences. They either create and extend love or they destroy through fear and assault. True and whole thoughts will show me the Real World while destructive, false, and fearful thoughts will be projected from the ego-ahamkar mind and show me a hell that really doesn’t exist. Thought distortions that destroy or seek to attack are errors that need to be corrected and reconciled in order for veils that prevent True Sight from occurring to vanish and disappear. I must stand guard and watch the fluctuations in my mind so I am in alignment with Heaven and not a self-made hell of torment and affliction. Thoughts must either be true and whole, or false and the cause of the kind of sleep that produces nightmares.


DAY 17
I do not perceive with neutrality because my thoughts are not without a positionality or some slanted form of judgment or fixed belief. This day I take another step to recognize cause and effect and that I seem to be experiencing an outer manifested world that my egoic-ahamkar calls real. Thoughts and beliefs come before perception even though it seems to occur the other way around. My egoic mind-womb wants me to believe that perception comes first, but in reality I bring all preconceived notions, beliefs, and ideas from the past to the present moment that my egoic-ahamkar corrupts and assails with the onslaught of these fixed delusions. What I perceive and think I see do not appear to be neutral. My private mind sees either Heaven or hell.


What my mind sees and then interprets is a testament to the quality and nature of what fluctuations of thought that arise in it. In no way can I see nothingness, because to think must lead me to see something as form. Thinking, despite many thoughts to the contrary is the basis of my existence and being. Everything comes from a thought. Whether from a Divine Source or from mayaic-delusion. I must choose to gaze upon the world I visually interpret as a film projection coming from and being played out by the causative-ideational nature of my mind that was a gift from the Divine Allness. I can always transform my mental atmosphere, so therefore the idea must follow, that the kind of world I photograph with my eyes can be made into something new that comes from eternal light instead of darkness.


DAY 18
I am not alienated in experiencing the effects of my perceptual faculties because all minds are joined and unified, only appearing to be separate, seeing through what seem to be individual eyes of different physical bodies and their their visual cortexes. Am I seeing with the personal egoic-ahamkar and its body sense of sight, of which there really is only one mass, collective ego, or from Christ-Atman-Buddha-Krishna Mind-Vision? In all cases it is always one or the other from which I see or seem to perceive.


Though I have thoughts that seem to come from a private mind, I have no private thought forms. Therefore, if my mind can’t produce private thoughts that are not shared, I cannot look out upon a world solely of my own making. The insane moment of separation was a joint, collective happening that occurred and now is on seeming display for one mind appearing as individual minds to visually interpret and see. That collective sharing though, was really a sharing of absolute nothingness. I now call upon my true and whole thoughts because they, in actuality are shared with everyone who seems to inhabit this earth dream with me. In the manner that my thought forms of division speak to the divisive thought vibrations in other people, it can also be said that my true and whole thoughts ignite an awakening, flashes of insight and Realization in them as well. The kind of world that my true and whole thoughts reflect back to me will also be born within the minds of others.


DAY 19
Cause and effect are intertwined. Perception and what I appear to see are interrelated. Therefore, in relation to the idea from yesterday, I am not in solitary confinement in experiencing the effects of my vibratory, magnetic thoughts. As each has a calibration in consciousness, so does the thought waves of other people affect me as mine do to them. Once again, it is worth emphasizing that my mind matrix is not limited to an alienated personal mind. Though I resist the idea, and think that this means I have enormous resulting responsibilities, I must not be fooled into believing I am powerless or that I cannot effect the outcome of what I seem to perceive. I am a creator at One with the Mind of God and at One with the entire Sonship of brothers and sisters in spirit. However, I chose to make, project outward, and distort reality with my disturbed and disordered thinking. I am not alienated from other personal minds, because there is only one mind, and only one ego mind appearing to be many. I must accept that I have no thoughts apart from other seeming individual minds, which again are fragments of the One Mind. Private thoughts are non-existent.


What I experience is never done in solitary. Every thought form, every word I choose to speak, and every action I engage in has a universal effect on the entirety of the manifested cosmos within space-time. A Christed Son or Daughter does none of these things with only their own interests in mind. There is no experience of alienation. I have the Divine begotten ability to bring about thought form reversal in all minds including my own individual mind. This is due to the inherited grandeur of the Father-Mother, when used for Divine Right use of mind.


DAY 20
In alignment with Infinite Willpower given to me by God Mind, I am determined to see objectively, from my Inner Witnessing Presence Awareness, the One Reality of Love through Radical Right Perception and Christ-Atman-Buddha-Krishna Mind Vision. My mind needs discipline. Due to mayaic-delusory subjectivity, I haven’t been able to distinguish between True Joy and sorrow, Bliss and sadness, True lasting pleasure and the hell of pain. It is time to start telling them apart for maximum freedom in Real Awareness. There is an objective Reality of Heavenly Oneness from which all Radical Right Perception proceeds. This is my goal today. To truly see. To be liberated in this life through moksha. I am making the pre-decision to perceive differently to attain Radical Right Perception in the Holy Instant of Now. Determination will bring about the desired result.


Today, I acknowledge whole-heartedly, in my mind-body complex, that all fluctuations of thought transcend subjectivity and are collectively experienced, and I am driven to obtain True Christed Sight. I now gaze upon all those who give testament to the reality that the global vibrational thought field has been transformed by Light and Love. I trust in the evidence that what has changed due to me being used as a vehicle for mass transcendence of the ego, shows me that Endless Love has made fear obsolete, and metamorphosed sadness into joy, and the feast of plenty has come to replace devastation and despair. Through my convicted willpower, I can see the real and true world, and thereby let it impart upon me, the wisdom and grace of knowing that my willpower is one with that same current in the Divine.


DAY 51



Spend two minutes contemplating each affirmation. If any one of the five affirmations appeals to you more than another, you may spend more time centering on that one.



’None of the things that my eyes and visual cortex see means what my personal ego (ahamkar), nor sense impression recorder mind (manas), has told me it does. Vibrations of thought projection that came from my subjective, separative mind distort the fact that everything is neutral and has no meaning just because it is in an apparent materialized and manifested state. Through my neutral, infinite, superconscious (intuitive) and discerning (buddhi) mind, I retract my thought projections and their impressions from the objects around me. This is my first step in allowing things to be as they are, thought and energy that has materialized.’


I don’t truly see anything that comes into my field of viewing, thus there is an absence of vision. Nothing is out there. The absence of all things material can and do not mean anything. I must embrace this in order to obtain True Perception, Christ Vision, so I can see. All of which I believe I see inhibits true sight from occurring. I will release all blocks to seeing by accepting that what I think I see is devoid of meaning. I do this so that I will be able to see truth, only truth, and be present to that of which is instead of seeking meaning in illusions and figments of my projected fantasies coming from the small ego-ahamkar mind that try to convince me of their reality, when in truth they are made up and come from oblivion.


‘I have projected all subjective-relative (mayic filtered) perceived meaning onto everything that my eyes and visual cortex see. The physical world in itself doesn’t mean anything, certainly not what my personal ego (ahamkar), nor sense impression recorder mind (manas), have told me it does. Vibrations of thought projection that came from my subjective, separative mind distort the fact that everything is neutral and has no meaning just because it is in an apparent materialized and manifested state. Through my neutral, infinite, superconscious (intuitive) and discerning (buddhi) mind, I retract my thought projections and their impressions from the objects around me that come from the blind sense mind (manas) and individualized ego (ahamkar). This is my second conscious step in allowing things to be as they are, thought and energy that has materialized due to my quantum interaction with that of which I observe. Finally, I begin the distortion correction process through detachment from all assigned meaning to things in the world I see. ’


Why do I judge what I think I see? I judge and interpret and call this seeing when it is not. Nor is it the Christed Vision coming from the Identity which I share with all of the Divine’s Sons and Daughters. If it is not True Vision, it must be a phantasm, an avidya-illusion, a false reality. This is due to the fact that my judgmental assertions and interpretations come from fear, lack, misperception, and blindness that distorts True Sight with regards to what is actually real. Today, I commit to seeing the distortions that come from judging, because in all actuality, I want to see things as they are, as the Divine Father-Mother intended them to be. I have tried to attack myself by judging and labeling and have only caused harm by doing so. In no way, whatsoever, do I want to look out trough the eyes of judgment on what is totally neutral and inherently pure, holy, and innocent.


I do not comprehend any of the things that my eyes and visual cortex see nor what my personal ego (ahamkar), nor sense impression recorder mind (manas), has told me these things are. Vibrations of thought projection that came from my subjective, separative mind distort my understanding and full knowledge of what surrounds me in their apparent materialized and manifested state. Through my neutral, infinite, superconscious (intuitive) and discerning (buddhi) mind, I retract my thought projections, their impressions, and the strong obsessive fixations that drive me to project meaning onto these things, where there is none. This delusive need leads me into a web of confusion about what I think I see and its relevance to my life motion picture that I am creating at a given moment, either through my God-like Universal Intelligence or instinctual demonic egoic-subconscious beast mind polarity.


There is no way I can understand what my eyes think they see, when I have projected the shadow and dense cloud of judgment onto everything they perceive. When I do this, I am using my eyes and ego-ahamkar to project miscreations of thought waves, coming from vritti-fluctuations in my brain. There is no way I can understand what is filtered through my eyes to the visual cortex in my brain, due to the fact that it can’t be comprehended, for what I look upon is not real. I will not waste my time trying to comprehend it. Through volition and the conscious use of will power, I release my judgments and unchain my mind from them so I can look upon what has been made manifest, know what it is, and thereby love it. Willingness is the key to unlock the prison of my split mind so only love emanates from me. Seeing without veils cast in front of my eyes, I clear the cob webs in the cellar of my mind and make a better choice. One for Love and Realization of Truth.


The thoughts I think with my separative, split, and fearful mind do not mean what the ego (ahamkar) tells me they do. Neither do the objects that surround me that I see with my eyes and visual cortex.

When I attempt to think and miscreate without being in communion with the Father-Mother, my thoughts that become forms are devoid of meaning. The thoughts with which I identify and call “mine” are phantasms and hallucinations. My True and Untainted Thoughts are those that are being extended with and from the Divine, Causal-Ideational Mind. The reason that I am not currently in a state of Realization, knowing that this is true is because my privatized thought waves have attempted to replace the mutually extended Thoughts I share with my Supernal Parents, the Primal Cause of everything Real and True. I use my will power once again, and the spirit of openness to truly see that my privatized thoughts mean nothing at all, and so I release and dissolve them, removing any perceived power I thought they had over me or anyone else. Holy Spirit Mother, I seek discernment and guidance now. I surrender my private thoughts and ask you to undo them, for I no longer want them to replace our mutual Thoughts. My privatized thoughts have no meaning at all, but using Thought for the purpose of creation or the act of extension happens with ease through my communion and awareness of my oneness with Divinity. This is my only goal today and everyday.



When I am upset, it is because my subconscious, subjective mind fragments misinterpret reality and are intruding upon Radical Right Perception, thus creating rifts and whirlpools of brain activity leading to massive hallucinations and projections out onto the world. The emotionally charged distortions are part of the reactive process gone haywire in the flow of my astral, spinal currents, spiraling down into misery of my own making.


I am never upset, nor agitated, anxious, or angry for the perceived reasons I think I should and can be disturbed because I am constantly applying effort to defend and protect my privatized thought waves. Why do I try so hard to give them justification through what my ego-ahamkar calls truth? When I take a step back, I can see that I demonize all things so I can try to validate my rage and thereby defend my use of mental, emotional, or physical violence. I pray for Realization, so that I can see the degree to which I have distorted the purpose of everything I have perceived through my ego-ahamkar by defining what I think those things are for. The only reason I have put so much time and energy into defending my distorted, dark emotions that stem from fear is because I ultimately wanted to keep my private false-self in bondage and chained to hallucinations. I consciously release my reactivity and all the misery I have miscreated from the depths of my subconscious mind-field. Mother Kundalini, Holy Spirit Fire, rise up, so that I may ascend out of the dungeon of psychological, emotional, neurological, and biological disturbance into the Bliss of acceptance, found in Pure Spirit and Light.

(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)


DAY 48

I am fearless. I fear no one, no thing, no thought, or any outside force. I am safe. I am free. I cannot be threatened or harmed by anything, nor any avidya-illusion created by mayaic-delusion and duality coming from the split, individual ego-ahamkar mind.


Fear is not real. A state of hypnosis, a spell whose power I need to awaken from. In Oneness with Love, I am free from fear and can recognize, name, and dissolve all avidya-illusions from having any terror inducing effects on me. When I want avidya-illusions to be true, the affliction of fear is hard to decipher from Love. But Love is all there is. Love is All-Consuming. I seek mastery through Love.


When I am in fear, stuck in the dream drama my individual mind has made, I am relying on my own strength instead of the Power and Fullness of strength found in God Mind Presence and this is a call for Love. Today, as I allow the awareness in that there is no one, no thing, no thought, or any outside force I should fear, I am remembering my True Nature, True Strength, my True Self, Christ and Atman-Self in Union with the Divine Mind. When I am in Yoga-Union with God, remembering my True Source of strength, I cannot be weak. The instant I remember Primordial Samadhi-Oneness with God Presence, Love Unending, I bind the grip of fear and it’s negative vibratory effects are dissolved and the chains of bondage to it are broken and shattered.


Today, I will contemplate the affirmation frequently, mindfully, in short intervals with my eyes open. However, when I have the time and a place to do it, I will close my eyes and chant the affirmation mantra several times, slowly. I take all temptations to be in fear to the Cosmic Vibratory Memory of God in my mind, the Holy Spirit. I choose to remember the Love of Heaven now, and release the magnetic pull of my self-created hell of terror and mental affliction caused by my attachment to fear.

The Calm Inner Light Infusion Diksha


NOTE: This is from my book “Light Transmissions” and the audio version can be found on the right side bar on this site. You can also listen to the audio version at where you can actually purchase the track if you so choose.

Items needed
White novena candle

Sit in the lotus position with your spine straight. Or sit on the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Chin parallel to the ground and your spine straight.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: Where I am going it is frightening. But I must go. This candle lit before me is symbolic of what I must reclaim within my being. That much I know. I am naked without it. In the dark. Asleep at the wheel of life. Driving down a winding road, not clear of my destination. I will reclaim what is mine. The Calm Inner Light. I seek this infusion. In this diksha. Another empowerment of the divine indwelling GodSelf I must re-awaken.

A radiant, crystalline figure appears. It is your Higher GodSelf-Spark Angelic Presence. It says nothing but bows before you. “Reach out your hand,” it says. You hesitate.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: (asks) “Who are you?”

GODSELF-SPARK: “The God-Spark within you, projected outwards for you to see, plain as the day you chose to incarnate again, to fuse with the light of conception in your mother’s body.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: “What do you want?” you ask.


GODSELF-SPARK: “For you to be free. Take this.” The God-Spark Higher Self hands you a sparkling silver key.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: “What is this for?” you ask.

GODSELF-SPARK: “To unlock the Light of the World within you. The Blessed Hope of Wholeness found only in the Basement beneath your present moment awareness. You need but free the Light and Life Power for your further evolution in consciousness. To Transcend the limitations you have allowed to overtake you since childhood. It is time to silence the suffering Light-Child within to tune in to the Radio Station of the Divine Frequency that speaks to you all throughout the day, every day, which you but need to hear, to Unleash Infinity and Abundance. Success and Amazement. Hope and Holy Perception. To see and hear clearly in every moment where the Ruach or Spirit Breath of God fills you with the sustenance of Life. I will take you to where you must go. To face the prisoner who keeps you imprisoned. It is time to Liberate your Life. Travel once more, into the trenches of your subconsciousness. This is a journey everyone must take at one time or another. If they want to have true wholeness and Restoration of the Calm Inner Light to Shine in the darkness of mis-created worlds you call real, but that will only perish because they are not everlasting. Here. Read this before we leave.”


Your Projected God-Spark-Thought Adjuster and Higher Self hands you a scroll. You open it and read it.


WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: I am loved. So I am love. So I will love.
God-Current. God-Life. Vital Force. The vital force circuitry, the blood of the Father-Mother within me, You connect me to the Source of all Life, which is Light. The light of the Light-Continuum. Rays of brilliant light pierce my heart chakra and illuminate this most intelligent transformer of your Life Force Power that distributes Your Essence, this, your Blood of Light-Life-Healing throughout my energy body. Numinosity fills every cell, every tissue, every muscle, every bone, descends into my marrow. This Golden Blood-Light is the Radiance of the Solar Light. You illumine me, you fill me to overflowing. Blood of Gold, transmuting consciousness flame. Flow through me now. The inner torch to guide me on this descent.


A crystalline orb in their hand glows outward in every direction. It’s wattage is brighter than any light you have seen before.

GODSELF-SPARK: I will show you the way down into your internal Gehenna. But you must take this light when I tell you. Then I will leave and you, and with that key, you….well, you will know what you must do.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: How will I know?

GODSELF-SPARK: It is then, I will return to my rightful place within you. Close your eyes. Grab my hand.


You see the glow of light coming from the orb. It is so strong that it seems to be coming from within you.


GODSELF-SPARK: Count backwards with me from ten. Stopping after seven, listening to my command and stopping again after three to listen to my command. When we get to zero, you will enter “deep sleep”.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE & GOD-SPARK: Ten, nine, eight, seven, deeper, six, five, four, three, going deeper, two, one, zero. Zero is always, “Deep sleep.”


In an instant you feel a strong magnetic pull in your spine, downwards. This is your descent into the realms of the underworld within, that of the subconscious. The Light of the God-Spark companion pierces every dark corner of the cavern, the cave, the abyss underneath the surface awareness, beneath the normal level of awareness. The God-Spark shines light, circling this “inner chamber of fragmentation.” In the point between the eyebrows, your eyes still closed, you see many shadowy figures.

GODSELF-SPARK: You will come for them another time. We don’t have enough light to take them all with us right now.

You wonder who these shadowy figures are. You hear whispers coming from them. Some voices are audible. Negative. Attacking. Coming from misery and pain.

Then the GODSELF-SPARK shines the bright light on a familiar child’s body who is chained to a wall, down in Eden’s Basement. Again, you see this at the point between your eyebrows, eyes still closed. This child is malnourished, but his/her face resembles a clown-doll, painted red and blue. This is the inner critical figure that fights for your attention, to have its needs resolved, to have its revenge on you and all those who have hurt you. The child is nine years old. Its hunger is evident. He/She is emaciated.

Carried by a chariot of discriminating God Mind Power, you realize that it is time to face this Inner immature critic that subconsciously wants you to sink into the quicksand of the negativity that lurks below the surface of waking consciousness.

You approach the child with the GODSELF-SPARK. When you reach the proximity of four feet away, the child, who you think is sleeping, lashes out at you with the most horrendously, terror-laden voice. You think to yourself, that the familiar child is filled with a torturing spirit.

GODSELF-SPARK: He/She has been down here for a long time. Too long. Only you can rescue this child. As I told you, I must go.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: Wait! You said I would know what to do? How? I don’t know.

GODSELF-SPARK: Open your eyes. And watch this.


Right then, the GODSELF-SPARK ANGELIC PRESENCE metamorphosizes before you into a fluid river of golden blood, life force light. The light begins to flow into your Christed Third Eye, enters your brain, illuminates it and opens upward, the thousand petaled lotus flower at your crown chakra a top of your head. A beam of even stronger violet-rayed light comes from above and enters this portal, this vortex, this spinning wheel at your crown. You feel so alive. Filled to overflowing. This is a feeling that you remember, but don’t know from where or when you last “knew” this Presence. You hear the GODSELF-SPARK within you, the Radiant Calm Inner Light speak to you in a still small voice of intuition.

GODSELF-SPARK: Yes, it’s me. It has always been me. Me in you. The time for you to take notice has been long overdue. Talk to the boy/girl. I know what you are thinking. You know this child. It is your nine-year-old clown-doll self. The part of you that has not been able to resolve many of your childhood need-deprivation responses and all resultant reactivity to being unfulfilled, seemingly abandoned, and all related wounding and rejections. Be careful. This child is pure pain. Filled with hate. It thrives on lashing out.
You now engage in a dialogue with your inner critical child. Find out what it wants. Sit and contemplate the things he or she thinks they need to be happy. Come to an understanding. See the child for what they are. In their pre-wounded state. You spend several minutes with the inner child, who tells you all its frustrations about needs it feels were not met early in life. It tells you how it compensated and changed its “program for happiness”. Heal this child by seeing its God-Likeness. In pure innocence. You shine and channel the light of the GodSelf-Spark into this inner child’s heart. Don’t be intimidated if the child resists the Light-Transmission. Not to worry. The calm inner light is more powerful than egoic self-inflicted suffering. You are taking the nails out of the hands and feet of your inner child, showing it directly that it is forever One with the Life and Current of the Divine Consciousness. Fuse and become one with this child. See the GodSelf within this child. This will set them free. After several moments, who you really are speaks.

WHO YOU REALLY ARE: I am one with the Presence of God within me. I am one with the Spirit of God within me. I am one with the Life Force Power of God within me. I am one in essence of the God Amazement within me.

The Child joins in and you say in unison:

I accept this moment. I accept you. I accept me in you. I am calm. I am calm I am free. I am calm. I am peace. I am free in the light of God Radiance shining through me, the river of the truth-light continuum coursing through my veins, my nervous system, comingling with my blood, informing my neurons, making new neural pathways, healthy canals that replace the grooves of worn out mis-perceptions.

This is an ending and beginning, rather an ever beginning, ever-becoming. Forever one. You grab the child’s hand and lead them out of this subconscious, subterranean dungeon and set them free, guiding them out of the darkness with the Calm Inner Light.