This ritual has been blessed with the graces of both a Kundalini and
Mind Expanding Shakti. This will greatly aid your Kundalini Desire Energy to rise through the central channel of the shushumna in the spine and opening and clearing debris and blockages in the chakras. This coiled dormant energy can and will be felt in subtle sensations. Kundalini Reiki healing has been sent remotely to heal any imbalances or throbbing pain you may feel with this awakening, bringing the energy vortexes into harmony and balance. The serpent power ascends heavenward to the Spiritual (3rd Eye) and into the crown (sahasrarha) chakra.

You need:

Black Candle

Red Candle

Orange Candle

Yellow Candle

Green Candle

Blue Candle

Indigo Candle

Violet Candle

White Candle


Bowl with water

Flower with petals




Given as a gift to you, to be used when ready, and only if your heart
desires for this living reality of Love Infusion to be self-
administered. I love you. I bless you. May this empower you and
give you the freedom to create sacred space for yourself, in your
own way, to create your very own altar onto which you place
everything that reminds you of Absolute Love. Namaste. Sat Nam
(Truth is My/Your Name).


Begin with a visualization. Energy travels up from the base of the
spine (Muhladhara Chakra/Root Chakra) up through a cylinder of
light to the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra) then up the top of the
head (Sahasrara Chakra/Crown Chakra) then comes down through
the outside of the spine through the other five centers of energy.
Through the Vishuddu Chakra at the Throat, the Anahata Chakra at
the heart center (at the dorsal center), down and through what is
called in Kundalini Yoga, the lower triangle – the Manipura Chakra
(Navel Chakra) located two fingers below the navel, through the Swadhisthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra) located at the height of the sex organs, then down again to the Muhladhara Chakra. Continue this route of travel through the metaphysical anatomy of the astral body throughout the ceremony.

Om. Peace. Shanti. Namaste. Sat Nam. I need no priest. I need no
guru. I will not grovel to any man as I am anointed directly by
Divine, Beautiful, Ever-Loving Life this day, that I chose to
acknowledge the Rising Power of Love as Present in my mind, my
body, my heart, and my soul, where my “inner guru” and witnessing
consciousness Presence resides. For I am Loved. And I am Love.
And I will be Love. And so, I honor and bless myself with prayerful
thoughts of goodness and higher consciousness of Love and Peace.
Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me life. I am honored to be a
blessing and grace to your mutual presence here on this plane. May I always crawl and walk under the caring Presence of the Universal
Life Force-Power of Love, Light, and Heaven’s Fire.

May I have at my bidding helpers, angels, ancestral spirits, and all
spirits of the Luminaries and Gaia, Mother Earth’s angels, the
elementals together with friends and family here in this school of

I stand in the company of All Life. This New life, radiant in me. Several years ago, I experienced a great transition in accepting the gift of this incarnation. I came into the lives of my Mom and Dad and to the world to help further Enlighten and Bless Life.

I recognize that in the beginning of my life, my physical body was
brought into manifestation so that I, containing the Divine Image of God as my true Divine Selfhood, could express through my body my purpose for being. My body was formed around the Spirit of God which emanated His/Her manifestation. To fully understand the transition that I made from the Radiant Fullness of Heavenly
Awareness, into matter, ___ years ago, I close my eyes now and

I am more than a physical body. I am eternal energy or spirit in
nature. Bornless being, the One Life of Divinity that animates my
body and life that is individualized in me. When I have completed
the purpose for my being on this plane of existence, may I find
expression in a new Amazing, Joyful Reality. May I live in this faith, and trust in the Heavenly Creative Source working through the laws of nature for what lies ahead of me.

(Please open your eyes)

Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita speaks of the Atman, the Eternal Self
or Soul and says: “Bodies are said to die, but That which possesses
the body is eternal. It cannot be destroyed, it cannot be limited.

Deathless, birthless,
Unchanging forever.
How can it die
Know this Atman
Unborn, undying,
Never ceasing,
Never beginning.”

As I am strengthened from the Divine from within, may I be
strengthened tenfold to walk the path of Awakening, of Evolution of my Self-Awareness into a Divine-Minded Being, Being Presence,
Aware, full of enthusiasm, Joy, and Selfless giving. May I always
take notice of all that is good and fine, that in knowing the “tree of
life” with blossoming flowers and delicious, enjoyable fruit of Eden,
the beautiful garden called my astral nervous system, that it is within me. I am blessed with sensations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. May I rightfully indulge with self-control and admiration for Father-Mother Spirit. I trust in the Divine Intelligence who is in every breath I take. Let me trust nature, whose intelligent beauty gave me birth and life to begin with.

All Creation, the united human and divine family, is inseparable
from Source; that in the utmost reality, every person’s spirit is one
with the Universal Spirit; that whatever is in the Dao, can never be
removed from The Father-Mother, as Dao is All. I am One Universal Body with all, with whom I move, live, and have my being. This is whether I am in physical embodiment, or embodiment in another dimension or reality.
In metaphysics, it is believed that an individual is baptized or
anointed “from within”, not to a religion, or to a belief system, or
institution, but into the mystery and anointing of Life itself.

Through my decision to accept the invitation to incarnate I was sealed in my mind by the God-Mind. During the nine months of my incarnating experience through the love imparted by my parents, I was given everything I needed to live a good life in this incarnation, more specifically this happened through an awakening and a knowing of Higher Manifestation-Power.

It is good to express and speak of the Goodness, or the mystery of
God-Beauty, God-Current, God-Energy, Radiant Joy within us all.
And so I do. I contemplate that presence in my heart. From Divine
Light, or Goodness, I came into this life, and at the end of that life
into that Goodness, or Light and Truth, I will pass again. While a
man and woman may error, I never accept that man and woman by
their nature is sinful, because all of us have originated in Wholeness, in Oneness, and that One Source is Perfection. We are made in that image. I was born in “Original Blessing”, not Original Sin. So, there is nothing to “wash away”, no former self to die to or be reborn from. Again, I am a bornless being, who, through my life in desire energy will know myself as ever-becoming and ever-evolving in Consciousness and Anointed humanity.

I give thanks that from a perfect Mystical Light of Being I came, and to that Perfect Mystical Being of Light, I will remain in during this earthly journey or Vision Quest, and to that Mystical Being of Light, the Light-Presence, the Light-Continuum, never ending, I shall return.

I will always be without sin. For sin we do not. May I grow in
wisdom with each choice I make, learning always to do what is right and good, but learning from my errors without the fears of exile, the man made fallacy of damnation and some all-consuming hellfire that does not exist in reality, and punishment by an angry God, which is a gross, insane misrepresentation of the All-Loving Father-Mother.
Fear is an illusion. Attack is an illusion. A Destroying God does not
exist, but is conjured up in the minds of humans. This is known as
mass insanity. God, anger, and suffering are incompatible. Our God
will never seek to punish, to afflict, to curse, nor restrain me. I am
free forever.

What we decree is. Like many shamanic traditions encourage and
recognize, may I have the courage to dream the world into being, not believing in nightmares of terror, and may I be always ready to
transcend fear of any kind. Fear imprisons. Love liberates the human person from ego. The ego is the only enemy I must do battle with. May the great Thought Adjuster, or Universal Inspiration, also known as the Holy Spirit, Shakti, or Kundalini, be the fiery
intelligence informing my every decision and be the cause of Right
Thinking and Loving Action. May I know and be only Love. The
most real thing that there is.

I now call into my being, the Kundalini Reiki Chakra Healing from
Bryan Rice (Swami Christananda Brahmanadi).

I now make the intention to light the 9 candles before me. On the far left is the black candle, signifying the receptive earth soul star chakra, then the red candle, signifying survival intelligence and self-preservation energy. I light the black for grounding myself in the incarnation, so as to avoid flying around in the astral world being totally disconnected from the earth plane.

I visualize energy of light and life-force awakening in my
muhladhara root chakra. A coolness tempers any heat that may be

Now, I light the red candle, pledging to meet and fulfill all of my life and survival needs, always nourishing-ever loving, ever covering myself with positive affirmations and love. I root myself in the Divine Identity of Truth, the Sat Nam of my existence. I ground with Mother Kundalini. I affirm that I am secure and meet all my basic necessities. I visualize prosperity and money to be magnetically attracted to me in order to meet all my needs. I take a moment in silence as I make this commitment.

I visualize red light energy and pranic life-force winding up the
spine to the Swadhistana, Sacral Chakra. Mixing with orange light.

Next, I will light the orange candle. This is symbolic of my creative, sexual and emotional energies. I send this energy upward through my spine into the Spiritual (3rd) Eye and into my Crown chakra.

I now visualize orange light and pranic life-force winding around my spine up to the third chakra, the Manipura Navel Chakra. A fire is lit in this chakra. A blazing, controlled and concentrated flame of light.

Next, I will light the yellow candle, pledging to empower myself
with the gift of independence, the power to be a Light-worker, and
courage, that I may discover my ultimate life purpose. I sanctify my
passion to evolve in consciousness and make lasting transformation
in my life. I tame my ego and undo any illusions and delusions of
mayaic influence. Again, I take a moment in silence as I make this

I now visualize yellow energy rising in the spine to the Dorsal
center, the Anahata Heart Chakra. The element of air meets the
coolness of air, oxygenating the flame of sanctified passion burning

I will now light the green candle, symbolizing the heart center within the luminous body. All feelings of pure, unconditional love awaken, and scattered love born of conditions placed upon it are dissolved. In devotion to the inner guru within and the God Life Presence also residing within, I send and uplift my adoration for the Supreme Cosmic Mind into my brain, up to my Spiritual Eye and Crown.

Green light energy now winds around my spine up to the Vishuddu
Throat Center. The element of air now blends with the element of

Now, I light the blue candle for the throat chakra. I sanctify all
communication, both verbally and non-verbally. I unlock the mighty power of divine calmness and even-mindedness from withinmy astral, luminous body. The calm inner light travels all through my energy channels, the nadis, and the nervous system in the body and I direct this charge upward into the Spiritual Eye and Crown.

I visualize blue light energy rising up from the throat center and
cervical vertebrae up to the Christed Third Eye, the Ajna Chakra.
Ether, space, blends with the element of light.

It is now time to light the indigo (or navy blue) candle. I will fix my
gaze upon it as I call into my self, the “Mind Expansion Shakti”
prepared for me. I embrace the expansiveness of vision, clarity,
intuition, and wisdom within. The Supreme Dao within expands and dissolves all contractions of fear and judgment within the mind,
brain, body, heart, and emotional centers. I quiet my mind and go
into the gap between thoughts to listen to the still small voice of the Immortal One.

(After several moments)

Now, emerging from bliss-silence, I visualize indigo light power
rising to the crown of my head, into the Sahasrara Chakra, the place
of the thousand petaled lotus. I will now light the purple candle of
Self-Realization and Enlightenment. It represents the journey of all
souls that enter this life. In lighting it, I am making a public
commitment to be guided, instructed, and uplifted, to be teachable,
to rise above and overcome limitation and experience my potential
as my truest Self, both human and divine. I focus now on the Crown
chakra, the thousand-petaled lotus of light connectivity. I concentrate on the energy in my Crown.

Now, I visualize violet-purple light power ascending above the head. White energy surrounds my entire body. I light the white candle, which represents the Light of the Aura and of Samadhi Yoga, meaning God-Union. In lighting this candle, I am pledging to be the Presence of a Unifying Force of Love in this lifetime, to be in communion and intimacy with the God-Mind/God Consciousness. The highest form of Bliss, is my expectation for me, seeking Total Oneness with God through meditation and service to the planet. I again, take a moment in silence as I make this commitment.
Now, I will anoint and bless myself with the essential oil to activate
Vision of Oneness and Wonder by applying a small dab to my third
eye, that I may see intuitively into my Inner Higher Mind and
become a seer and a sage.

Initiate applies the oil.

In the name of all that is holy, I am sealed. May I see and know awe, beauty, and wonder of created life while being aligned with clear-seeing, clear-hearing, clear-knowing or clear-cognizance, and clear-feeling. May I know the Mind of the Supreme, the Brahman

Now, I will anoint and bless myself with the Oil of Protection and
apply it in a different manner than the previous. I will apply this to
each of my palms and solar plexus.

Initiate applies the oil to the palms and solar plexus.

Again, I am sealed, now protected from darkness and attack thoughts.

To conclude this blessing ceremony, I am going to use this glass
bowl of water and a flower of my choice. I now pull a petal off of
the flower and issue many personal blessings that are in my heart,
and then drop the petal into the water.



In me, is the presence of God the Eternal, the Amazing, Pure Radiant Love and Light, whose presence can heal me, direct me, and love me.

Through this blessing I, in my God-Self impart for myself these
divine attributes in the kingdom of Heavenly Consciousness,
wishing me Pure Oneness with God, within me….I pray that these
be made manifest in my life eternally.

In the spirit of truth, awe, and beauty, I bless my mind, body, and
soul with health, keenness of thought, abundance, the power to make good decisions in life, with wisdom, knowledge, and into the
Awareness of God’s presence within me. Blessed Immortal Atman within me,
Seek and find.
Feel and realize.
Assert and Affirm.
Aspire and Inspire.
Move forward and Godward.
Discern and Discriminate.
Evolve and Expand.
Inquire and Discover.
And so it is! It is complete!

(This concludes the ceremony)

This ceremony is the property of Bryan Rice and should not be copied, used, or sold under any circumstances. If you would like to use this script and are willing to honor the Spirit of God-Life Presence who inspired it, you may contact me using the contact form and we can determine how best to honor sacred reciprocity for this Rite’s use where I am not present.